Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not Really Communicating

I posted a link to my Blog on my Facebook Page, which surprised one of my daughters. She asked why I had a Blog - she also wrote, "who R u? lol". I explained that I was at a church communicators conference and they said that a Communications Pastor should have a Blog. The idea is that I should blog about stuff that is relevant to the church that I serve at and advertise the Blog , so that people at the church can go online and see what I have to say.

That all seems reasonable, except for the fact that so far I haven't written anything of relevance to the people at my church and except for noting that I have a Blog on my Facebook Page (which only 16 people have access to - none of which go to my church), I haven't advertised that I have a Blog. So, that brings the discussion back full circle - Why do I have a Blog?

If I ever figure that out you will be the first to know.

Which brings up an important issue - who is reading this Blog. I downloaded somekind of Google program that tracks usage and lacking a degree in computer programming, I have no clue how to add a sitemap so that it can track my pages. I have read the help pages, but they are in a completely foreign language to me. So, not willing to spend the next six months learning how to code HTML or XML or whatever it is they want, I can only hope that people will leave comments, since I can't get the tracking software to do much more than list out undecipherable statistics about heaven knows what!

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Axel said...

Hi Kevin!

I am tracking your blog!
I am also blogging, but under the pseudonym "Axel Bushing", since us bureaucrats have to be discrete about publishing anything.