Monday, August 23, 2010

Furry - The Haters

I am going to let my furry reign here for a moment. I was looking up an article by John Piper on why he was using social media to share the gospel. I was doing this because I just launched myself on Twitter and I was going to post this on my Facebook page. (As a aside, I am using social media, but not necessarily as a platform to convert the world - after all 90% of the people who read my few posts have already made a commitment to Christ, so they don't need converting, nor do they need my frail insights into the nature of God.)

Well what shock! When I started looking up the Google hits on John Piper I discovered that there are a lot of "Christian" haters on the web. These are people who claim to be Christian, but they have a deep need to attack others as non-Christian, because they view their doctrine as heretical. By the time I was finished following all of the links I realized that there are no prominent pastors or Christian leaders who are not condemned by those who believe that they alone have accurate doctrine and correct belief. I could not believe the arrogance of these people. I find it hard to understand that anyone can actually believe that they alone have it all correct and that they alone have they the authority and right to virulently attack others with whom they disagree. I'm going to have a tough enough time on judgement day, without that on my head. I can just hear God saying, "Who gave you the right to touch my anointed ones?"

What I found even more disturbing was that these attacks were all about doctrine and correct belief, but in all of the arguments I never saw Jesus lifted up. It seemed like all of this Christian infighting was about everything but Christ. Its as if Christ is a no longer central to our message. Its as if correct doctrine leads to salvation. Is as if what we believe is more important than in whom we believe.

The sad thing is that all this infighting is there for the world to see. No wonder the Gospel is a tough sell in this world. Who would want to fellowship with a bunch of nasty haters. Jesus said that the world would know we are His disciples by our love for one another. I think that love is a little hard to find amongst those who choose to hate. Of course the haters argument is that the people they are attacking really aren't true Christians. Which begs the question, "Who are true Christians and who makes that distinction?" I always figured that was God's job, but apparently not. It would seem that the haters have taken over that role and God help us all because I think that we will all be condemned.

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