Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nobody Cares!

When I set up this Blog, I had a great revelation. Nobody cares!
I created this Blog and went on to other things. When I came back I was notified that I hadn't verified the Blog. I checked my Hotmail account, where the verification email was supposed to go, and there was nothing there. I selected Resend and still nothing. And, despite the fact that repeating the same action over again and expecting a different result is a sign of madness, I selected Resend several more times. So, tried to fix the problem
First, I tried to convince Hotmail that it was alright to receive something from Google. Do you know that you can't enter a Google Accounts email address as a valid email in your contacts? Hotmail won't let you! I went looking for somebody to contact and if there is a direct line to Seattle, it was not evident.
Then I tried Google Accounts Help and after searching for a solution, I read the notice that they only provide email support for "Login and Access, Abuse and Bugs". And even though I felt abused by this time, I knew that emailing Google would be a waste of time.
This is when I had my great revelation - nobody cares. What is one more Hotmail address to Microsoft. And, Google isn't interested if I Blog, or not. After all isn't this just an exercise in narcissism?
Now, I recognize that there are millions of us emailing and blogging and that supporting us individually is a logistical nightmare, but somehow I feel diminished. I took a course in counseling and I remember being told that no matter how petty or insignificant a client's problem may seem, don't play it down. For them it is overwhelming and painful. Maybe this rant is just another petty complaint, but for me it was frustrating. Not just the fact that I couldn't verify my new Blog, but that I couldn't find the solution that I wanted, nor get any kind of direct help. Nobody cares.
Oh, in case you're wondering what the solution was - I now have a brand new gmail address. Hey, if you know how to get Hotmail to receive Google Accounts email let me know, or maybe this a conspiracy?

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